Spring time is here!

We just experienced Daylight Savings Time yesterday meaning not only did we spring forward a whole hour but we’ll be able to enjoy a little more sunlight during the day! EXCELLENT! ūüôā More sun! I’m definitely looking forward to getting a little color and eventually enjoying a little more warmth on my skin.

You know what comes to mind now besides tank tops & flip flops? SUNSCREEN! I had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic french facial by Paulette at the Dolce Vita Day Spa last month. I’m not unaware that I should be wearing sunscreen when I’m outside but I’m hardly outside (especially when it’s super cold¬†or super hot¬†outside). As a lot of you ladies know, conversation about your skin and how you take care of it is kind of expected with your esthetician. Since I’m not usually outdoors on a daily basis, I skip the whole SPF coverage thing. On a typical day, I may be¬†exposed to the outdoors for 30 mins in total.¬†My outdoor exposure¬†usually takes place¬†in between locations I’m commuting. Not exactly the smartest thing but decided I was going to start making that a daily part of my skin routine.

Just this past fall I¬†attended¬†the Texas Conference for Women.¬†While browsing¬†vendor boothes¬†I stumbled upon a¬†company that¬†showed you just how much sun damage you have on your face. You¬†would put your head into this curtained box¬†where a TV¬†screen outside would show you¬†the results. I was afraid to do it myself and you know why? It was because if I truly knew¬†what kind of damage had been done I’d feel guilty about not taking better care of my skin. I¬†usually feel pretty confident in the amount of time and effort I make to take¬†care of my skin. I remove my make up at¬†night. I’ve been using eye cream to avoid¬†wrinkles since I’ve been 25! What I don’t make sure to do is wear SPF everyday though.¬†¬†¬†

After a friendly reminder from Paulette I decided I need to be more responsible with my skin.¬†My current moisturizer¬†does not¬†have¬†sunscreen in¬†it. I’m a little surprised that a day cream wouldn’t have SPF already in it. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a new one. I’m open to suggestions.¬†I¬†once used a light, non-greasy moisturizer with SPF from Mario Badescu¬†and I liked it a lot. The only thing that made me stop wearing it was traveling 25 miles to the store that stocked it. To my surprise, there’s an Ulta about 3 miles away from my house that stocks that product line. How about that! ūüôā I don’t want to waste what moisturizer I already have but I need the SPF! My answer to that is; combine¬†some¬†sunscreen to my¬†moisturizer until I’m out. That is definitely something I do a lot, blend & mix. I do it with just about everything (ie: food, sauces,¬†perfume, eye shadow, shampoo, music, circuit workouts).

Do you make sure to¬†include¬†SPF in your skin care routine? What products do you like to use? What other¬†type of skin care¬†do you feel you need to include in your routine that you don’t already do or used¬†to?


About Julie (thelittletexasturtle)

I'm a full time working mama to 2 active teenagers. I love food!! I love to cook & experiment with recipes. I strive to eat as clean as possible. I love photography, dancing, wine, farmers markets, laughing...LIFE! I enjoy learning as much as I can about nutrition and fitness.
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One Response to Spring time is here!

  1. I always wear SPF in my daily moisturizer, but I love sun on my face. I love it on my whole body and I don’t care what anyone says to me, I can’t stop. I know it’s so bad and I’ve cut back since I started spraying, because I have a constant need to be DARK. so ive cut back from tanning almost daily to 3 times a week since I started spraying. and i use cetaphil everything. its inexpensive and you can find it anywhere!

    ps, i love that you are a blogger now!! welcome to the blogging world! xo

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