I can’t just have one!

It sounded like a perfect marketing campaign when Lays potato chips branded the line “Bet you can’t just have one”.

I beg to differ.

I dare you to test this theory

There are few times when I feel I can’t control my eating. I feel pretty lucky to be able to say that in this vast world of large portions and over eating buffet opportunities. I can buy a bag of candy and eat a piece here and there. I can make a pint of ice cream last a month just enjoying a few bites when I need to fulfill a craving. I can order dessert and take it to go to enjoy later. There is always a way to fulfill that sweet tooth without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle goals.

I know what it’s like to encounter such cravings that lead you to binge eating. I have consumed a hand full of various junk food items in a moment of weakness. In that same moment I have felt failure in how I’ve allowed myself to treat my body. I know all too well that lingering sweet chocolatey texture of chocolate cake followed by a lonely sigh. You’re in a brief moment of heaven.

Chocolate cake is meant to savor

It’s moments like that when eating dessert should be cherished but not OVER indulged in! Those are rare moments of pleasure that you should only allow yourself to earn in confidence; no regularly. Eating dessert every day eventually loses it’s novelty. With the novelty gone you might even notice a little belly pudging out above your jeans…what’s that called again? MUFFIN TOP! Not healthy, not attractive haha

I really don’t understand how portion control went OUT of control. I don’t mean to get on a soap box or anything but Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. It’s a form of abuse to your body. Obesity in this nation is all too common. Don’t get on that road. It leads to many health issues that honestly a few common sense lifestyle habits can help to avoid. In no way does this mean to not enjoy food or life. You only live once but savor those pleasures.

Say NO to Gluttony! Say NO to Obesity!

There are a lot of resources available to help clear up your confusion on what real portion sizes are. You can start with your doctor or a seek out a nutritionist. A common and very helpful habit to get into is boxing half of what’s served to you when dining out. Just last night I ate about 1/4 of my dinner and indulged in this amazing Raspberry  Chocolate Brownie.

Raspberry Chocolate Brownie...mmmm 🙂

Don’t worry, I shared it!! Even though I didn’t eat all of my dinner and could have, I didn’t feel right eating the whole thing. I didn’t want to walk away with that stupidly full bloated aching belly. What’s the best way to remember such a lovely dessert; the bloated aching aftermath or chocolate heaven? THIS my friends is a great way to control your portions while still indulging in a little heaven. You can figure out a way to fit an indulgence into your life. Eat good clean food all week (or all month for that matter) then have a little indulgence just when you think you don’t need it. Challenge yourself. Test your strength! I DARE YA! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it more.

Do you feel you have a clear idea of what a proper portion size is? How do you control your indulgences? How do you keep yourself from caving into your cravings?


About Julie (thelittletexasturtle)

I'm a full time working mama to 2 active teenagers. I love food!! I love to cook & experiment with recipes. I strive to eat as clean as possible. I love photography, dancing, wine, farmers markets, laughing...LIFE! I enjoy learning as much as I can about nutrition and fitness.
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One Response to I can’t just have one!

  1. Amber M says:

    Great Blog! Am I your first comment??? 🙂 You and I are so alike with how we eat. Lately I’ve developed a little less control but I’m still way more conscience of portion sizes then most people. I always love to split desserts with people and even meals. I don’t believe that you have to clean your plate and I usually always leave a restaurant with a doggy bag. I feel super uncomfortable if I eat more then 400 calories at any meal. However my biggest weakness has always been late night snacking and wine. If I drink a glass of wine after 7pm usually it can turn into a 1500 calories binge without blinking an eye. This issue has only developed in the last few years though. That’s one reason I’m changing to wine and dessert (if I have them) with dinner and NOTHING after 7pm (besides a potato).

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