Texas Bluebonnets are in BLOOM!

I’ve had quite the bout of writers block lately, as you can see. There have been a few topics I’ve wanted to write about but then nothing would come out. I’d sit here at my laptop and write a doodle or two but nothing stuck. I can imagine a lot of other bloggers have experienced that a time or two ūüėČ Sooo, here I go; I’m gonna try this again!!

Everyday on my commute home, I see the roads filled with Bluebonnets. As a Native Texan, we all know Spring has arrived. We don’t need a calendar or for a groundhog to tell us when it’s coming. We know it’s here because the roadsides have BLOOMED!!¬† Literally haha

Bluebonnets on the roadsides of Texas

It’s actually a tradition for some to take pictures of themselves, their children, or even their pets while sitting in a large patch of them.

My little sister Kimberly sitting in Bluebonnets

¬†I have known families who literally do this EVERY year. They not¬†only¬†take a family picture; they also¬†take¬†pictures of each individual sitting in a vast meadow of blue. Some people will¬†pull over anywhere they find a large patch. Some people take a tour of well known¬†Bluebonnet¬†hot spots! The best place to get your fill is…well anywhere really, but I personally like to drive out in the country, the Texas Hill Country to be more precise. There’s such a peace about being out in the country, driving, and looking at all the gorgeous blue beauty all over the place.

One thing you should know about Bluebonnets aside from the fact that it’s the State Flower of Texas is that it’s illegal to pick them! JUST KIDDING!! Actually most people really do think it’s illegal but the Texas Department of Public Safety (who would enforce this law) states that it’s not true. THANK GOD! I¬†am sure¬†a lot of¬†people didn’t know¬†any different¬†and have picked one at some point! Every Texan has been told this; I’m curious to know where it started. If you don’t believe me, check out the website Texas Twisted¬†where Wesley Treat goes into depth about the urban legend.

¬†Wildflowers in Texas¬†do not consist of¬†only the¬†widely famous Bluebonnet. You can also expect to see…

Indian Paintbrushes

Purple Prairie Verbena

White Prickly Poppy

Yellow Daisy

Evening Primrose

I have many fond memories with the Evening Primrose. As children, we¬†used them as pranks to friends who didn’t know their “magic powers” ;). There was nothing dramatic about the set up. We would present them with the pretty flower, tell them to sniff it’s awesome perfume¬†(don’t forget to get in close!) then¬†upon sniffing, the petals will close around your nose and leave bright yellow pollen all over you! ahhahahahaa oh the fun we had. Who am I kidding, I still do it to anyone who will fall for it. What can I say, I still have a little child hiding inside me ūüėČ
Do you have a local wildflower you look forward to seeing bloom every year?

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I'm a full time working mama to 2 active teenagers. I love food!! I love to cook & experiment with recipes. I strive to eat as clean as possible. I love photography, dancing, wine, farmers markets, laughing...LIFE! I enjoy learning as much as I can about nutrition and fitness.
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2 Responses to Texas Bluebonnets are in BLOOM!

  1. I can’t say anything good about Boston, but I love when the dogwoods in DC/NC/GA come out. Or when the lizards would come out of hiding in FL.

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