This is my first attempt at really grasping this crazy adventure called “Blogging”. I’ve had a few blogs here and there on websites I participate in but those are meant to share with others that subscribe to that website. It’s exclusive ūüėČ oooohhh haha I enjoy living life and finding happiness in the little things. It’s funny to say “I’m easily entertained” but I truly do enjoy the simple things in life. Life goes by too fast to not embrace all the little gifts we’re given.

I¬†have¬†two teenagers and a boyfriend that I truly adore. We live active lives and keep busy with all of our activities. I know a lot of people can relate. I see a lot of people who are uber organized and have a fantastic system and others who experience things flying by the seat of their pants. We make the most with what we have and hopefully along the way we can learn how to make things easier,¬†or possibly¬†even master something. It’s all trial and error. I wake up everyday thinking I’ll try that again, maybe today…or later, but either way I have the mindset to “try again” and that’s what counts! Don’t give up, give it another shot, sometimes you have to give it a hundred shots haha

My daughter, Corinne


My son, Brad

I’ve been reading food blogs for quite a while now. I’m very impressed with the many creative creations I’ve run across. I mostly appreciate when there are extra pictures along the way to show how things are going as you make your way through the list of¬†ingredients and¬†instructions. That’s usually how I’ve shared my recipes with friends in the past and how I like to share my recipes here in my blogs. As I start this new adventure in the vast world of blogging I feel like a small fish in a big pond haha but I know this is where I need to be. This is my place to release all the ideas and all my interests so that I can mentally relax more. I always want to share things with people. Sometimes I feel like I say things over and over as I run into people along the way. Kind of like repeating the same story over and over. In the blogging world I can get it out and just share all the details in my blog! What a great idea! Wish I’d been on the band wagon a long time ago like my favorite food bloggers that I enjoy subscribing to.

My boyfriend and I-summer 2010

If there’s anything you may or may not notice about me…I don’t like labels. I’m not the kind of person that can be defined into one category. I can completely embrace one culture or way of life one day¬†and the next day it’s something else. Just like my ability to listen to a variety of genres, I can also feel comfortable in any given environment. I may not always look like I fit in, but I’ve learned how to adapt to things in my life. I’d like to think that I’m open minded. Some issues I feel I can see both sides and others I can’t image any other way. I used to think I was a really simple person but I’ve learned I can be quite complex. Who knew! Life is Beautiful!! Embrace it, complex or simple, just live it. Be who you are and life your life!

Here’s to living our lives to the fullest, laughing so hard we cry, and cook up new recipes to feed our souls, as well as our bellies ūüėČ


SMILE ūüôā


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