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I'm a full time working mama to 2 active teenagers. I love food!! I love to cook & experiment with recipes. I strive to eat as clean as possible. I love photography, dancing, wine, farmers markets, laughing...LIFE! I enjoy learning as much as I can about nutrition and fitness.


Music inspires me so easily. Although today I’ve really been moved in a different way. Today’s blog was only possible after replaying a song I heard at our morning worship service.  The lyrics grabbed me instantly. During the performance, I … Continue reading

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Procrastination at it’s worst!

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Texas, it’s who I am

I love to express myself by sharing song lyrics that speak to me. This is one I’m loving right now. You can click on the link to watch the video and hear the song yourself. Song Title: Who I Am … Continue reading

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Texas Bluebonnets are in BLOOM!

I’ve had quite the bout of writers block lately, as you can see. There have been a few topics I’ve wanted to write about but then nothing would come out. I’d sit here at my laptop and write a doodle … Continue reading

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I can’t just have one!

It sounded like a perfect marketing campaign when Lays potato chips branded the line “Bet you can’t just have one”. I beg to differ. There are few times when I feel I can’t control my eating. I feel pretty lucky … Continue reading

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Spring time is here!

We just experienced Daylight Savings Time yesterday meaning not only did we spring forward a whole hour but we’ll be able to enjoy a little more sunlight during the day! EXCELLENT! 🙂 More sun! I’m definitely looking forward to getting … Continue reading

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