Food is a wonderful thing. 🙂 It nourishes. It comforts. It’s artistic. It’s flavorful. It haunts my taste buds morning, noon, and night. I love all the creative ways we can use food, play with food, look at food. Ahhh Food, I love you.

Since childhood I have had an early relationship with the kitchen. I can remember at a very young age standing on a chair to work at the counter and stove to make scrambled eggs. Before even starting junior high I was baking cakes, cookie, and pastries. Before starting high school I was comfortable enough to make a full meal for our family. I always observed my mother, aunt, or grandmother in the kitchen creating something. I jumped right in myself taking full advantage of my mother’s recipe box; usually something chocolate. One of my favorite recipes to make were chocolate cream puffs. I’d take them to school and never once felt envious of the other kids who brought their Little Debbies or Hostess treats. I made my own and I made them from scratch. There was a big sense of accomplishment there and pride that store bought treats could not fulfill.   

As I’ve grown older, more knowledgeable, and comfortable with food I have learned to create. I love to grab random items and produce a flavorful dish without recipes, rules, or measurements. Sometimes that makes it hard to share the recipe but I love the responses from my family or friends who enjoy the newly created dish.   It may not always be pretty or eye catching but the closed eyes and smile on your lips is treasure enough. In the last year of my cooking endeavors, I have challenged myself to make over the usual favorites into something healthy. I enjoy eating tasty food that I don’t feel guilty eating! Sometimes you can’t substitute an ingredient but I’ve found for the most part that you can! One thing I remember growing up was learning to improvise.

I hope my recipes can inspire others as the many food blogs, chefs, family, & friends who enjoy cooking have inspire me to create.  



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