I really absolutely LOVE music. I have been exposed to music all my life and throughout this time I’ve experienced quite the variety of genres. It all started with classical, then branched into country, a little disco and pop…then came rock & roll hair bands and boy bands and girl bands and deeper more alternative types of rock…and so on. There’s probably one type of music I tend to cringe at and as crazy as it sounds it’s part of my heritage. You’d think I’d embrace it but I just don’t feel it…it all sounds the same to me haha People like blaring it out of their cars, wanting to share it with everyone, but I just wish they’d turn it down or roll up their windows haha

Some of my earliest childhood memories include a tune in the background. It was usually something country like Don Williams or The Eagles. I used to go through my mother’s vinyl records and play them all day. My mother still has them too. I used to play a game in the car where I’d test my knowledge; who was the artist and what was the name of the song. I could sing almost every word of every song. I passed that game onto my own kids and we have fun when a new song or new artist comes out. We compare the tones in their voices, accents, lyrics, etc.

I have been exposed to so many different genres. I can honestly say I can listen to just about anything. At one time I could listen to anything at any given time but as I’ve grown older I tend to prefer certain things that go with my mood. That’s pretty common. I might even go as far as saying I could probably fit into the average music listeners mold. I used to think I had a unique feeling about music but like a lot of things in life I’ve learned…I’m not alone in that either.

Music saves the day. Music changes your good mood to a bad mood and vice versa. I am so fascinated by the creative process that artists go through. Between melodies, octaves, lyrics, beats, tempo…there are so many variables to mix around! I once heard on a music video where someone said “Some people believe in religion. I believe in music”. There was something about that statement that I felt I could relate to. I don’t really intend to discuss religion in this blog but I do believe in music.

I once played in band during junior high. Not many people know that but this little girl carried a large baritone and played it pretty well. Naturally I wanted to play something more cool but the school didn’t really provide those instruments to the students. What I really wanted to play with all my heart was the piano. I once was given a keyboard and I would pretend I was sitting at a grand piano creating my own music. I call it “doodling” haha I didn’t have the focus to really learn how to read or write the music, nor did I have the patience to remember what I just played to write it down. As I grew my appreciation for music I learned to love another instrument. The almighty guitar. I attempted to play them here and there but my fingers could never conform to the different angles needed for the chords. My heart was broken. I’m not in a place where I can put my focus on learning right now but I certainly enjoy listening. I sometimes wonder if maybe I don’t make the effort to really learn because I’m afraid I won’t sound as good as what I listen to. Who would!? haha but I just don’t want to ruin the beauty I’ve created in my head.

I hope you enjoy some of the music I share in my posts.


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