{Parle Francais?}

The Eiffel tower at sunrise, taken from the Pl...

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Have you even seen the movie “Auntie Mame”? I LOVE that movie. Her eccentric lifestyle and view of the world changed the way I perceived the world I knew at that time. I was very intrigued of different cultures and countries from that moment on.

I can’t pinpoint what created my love of the french culture at this time but I can tell you I was young. I took 3 courses of french in high school. The first teacher I had (Madame Taylor) just fueled all that curiosity and I was hooked! She opened this world that I wanted to learn more about; to be a part of. She didn’t just teach us out of the book; when we walked into her classroom we were in France! On our first day she only spoke french to us and naturally we were so confused but it was a brilliant approach. We all even made up french names for ourselves haha It kind of worked out for the kids that didn’t like their own names. My next year we moved away to another city and I was concerned I wouldn’t get the same instruction that fed my passion the way she did. I vowed to continue and make the best of it. My new teacher was impressed with my progress but I can’t honestly say I improved from then on.

I still have a passion for the french culture. My bucket list still lists visiting France in my top 5. There is something so beautiful about the food, the language, the relaxed slow lifestyle they live. I love the Eiffel Tower and the usual touristy attractions only because they represent the history of France. I love sidewalk cafes and my favorite flower just happens to be native there, the Hydrangea. I once read a book called “Learning to speak Italian” and I imagined myself in that story but in my imagination I was visiting France lol I just know I will love it when I do finally go.

Throughout my blog you may find a word or phrase in my posts that are french. Another thing you may notice is that some of the dishes in my posts may incorporate some french inspiration. I may include a french word of the day as I get more comfortable posting blogs. I’m full of ideas so you never know where they’ll come from.


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